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Monday, July 9, 2012

Lip Makeup

When you are getting ready for a party or an outing with your friends or even for work and you would like to make an impression on the people around you-you should not forget lip makeup. An attractive pair of lips is tempting and has a vital role in making you look attractive and beautiful. Colors used for lip makeup needs to be chosen with great care.
Lip Cosmetics

Lip liner: When you are concentrating on lip makeup, you have to choose a good lip liner. Drawing the outline perfectly, you can offer a good shape to your lips. It promotes you fuller or thinner lips. For rejuvenating drooping lips, use this product. Most of the women prefer lip liner for giving their lip a good feature.

Lip balms: Lip balms contain moisturizing and sunscreen effects. Numerous types of lip balms nurture your lips. These are beeswax lip balm, petrolatum with wax, petrolatum, waxes with dimethicone, etc. Beauty experts prefer this cosmetic so much and suggest using it daily on the lips. Your lips get sun protection formula and remain smooth and soft.

Lip balms and exfoliants: Lip balms and exfoliants work as scrub for your lips. In addition, your lip gets moisturizing and sunscreen benefits, as you exfoliate the facial skin with various kinds of scrubs, lips are also rejuvenated with such exfoliants. However, lip balms and exfoliants come together in a single product. The ingredients which are included in such products are vanilla, honey, coconut oil, cocoa butter, white chocolate, velvet sweet chocolate and more.

Lip plumper: For enjoying a fuller lip, select lip plumper. It is a wonderful cosmetic for your lip. Translucent, tinted, opaque are the types of lip plumpers available, buy this product if you are searching for a sexy pout as it is composed of menthol and camphor. The product also encourages collagen production and moisturizes your lips. To enjoy the stylish effect on your lips throughout the whole day, apply lip plumper again and again.

Lipsticks: Lipsticks bring an outstanding makeover on your face. After shaping the lips with a lip liner add an awesome shade on it. You may choose the shades according to your skin complexion, from matte to satin sheer shades.

Lip gloss: Lip gloss offers sexy lips. If you are bored with the common texture of your lip you may include lip glosses. It also nourishes the lips adding glamour and fun. You may apply lip gloss alone or with your lipstick.
How to apply Lip Makeup?

Outline with Lip Liner – Before you take this step to define the shape of your lips with the lip liner, make sure that your lips are smooth, soft and free of grease. Try using a sharp lip liner (it should be a shade close to the color of your lipstick). Apply the same with a steady hand and don't make the line too dark. While making the line on your upper lips start off with the center and then come toward both the edges. For the lower lip make the line from both the sides.

Try to prime up the lips with A Lip Balancer – Make the base right before applying the lipstick. It should be balanced out to match your skin tone.

Fill up with the Lipstick – Use a lip brush and fill in the lip color on both lips. Same as that of the lip liner, for the upper lip, you shall have to start off applying at the center and then move towards the two sides. Similarly for the lower lip, apply it from both the sides. Don't put on too much color. You can always try adding more color later on rather than removing the excess colors.

Blotting Off - Fold a clean tissue paper and hold it between your lips. If there is excess color just press your lips slowly together.

Apply lip gloss – Lastly, make the finishing touch by applying the lip gloss over your lipstick to make your lips gleam with shine.

5 steps to get Beautiful Lips
Following a few simple steps can help you get those perfect lips you yearned for a long time:
• The first step to have beautiful lips is to make them soft and supple. Use a lip salve or a lip balm to keep your lips soft and moisturized. The simplest homemade lip balm that you can use is a mixture of 1 drop honey, 1 drop olive oil and 1 drop almond oil. Massage this mixture gently into the skin of your lips before you go to bed at night.
• Always remove all traces of makeup from your lips before you go to bed at night.
• Drink lots of water, eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly. If your body is in good shape, your lips will look healthy.
• Avoid smoking and chewing tobacco as these may stain your lips.
• Avoid eating junk foods and keep your alcohol intake to the minimum.
Makeup Tips for Lips

It's possible to get those tempting, luscious lips in a few quick steps:
• Apply a light foundation evenly on your lips; dust a light face powder on them. This will ensure that the lip color stays on longer.
• Get the desired shape of your lips with a lip pencil or a lip liner. Ideally the color of the lip liner should match the shade of your lip color or lipstick.
• The beauty of your lips depends on how perfectly you outline them. For a perfect outline rest your elbows on a hard surface and then draw the borders. Border the upper lip first. Give your upper lips a Cupid's bow shape and then go on to the lower one.
• Always use a brush while applying lipstick on the lips. Choose a lipstick which suits your dress, hair and complexion and fill the outlined portion with it. Open your mouth and apply the lip color evenly on your lips. You may use lip sticks or liquid lip colors. For a glossy effect apply lip gloss over your lipstick. If you are going out in the evening, you may even use lip glitter.
• Use a blotting tissue to remove excess lip makeup. Lightly press the blotting tissue onto your lips and remove it.
Lip sticks and lip colors usually have three different effects: matte, frosted, glossy. Ideally those with thick lips should avoid lip gloss and glossy lip sticks or lip colors.

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Friday, July 6, 2012

Bridal Makeup

As critical as the wedding, bridal makeup is no less significant than the vows and rituals that surround a new bride, promising her the happiness and fulfillment of a lifetime! No matter how casual or laid back she may be about her hair and makeup, every bride-to-be aspires to look her best on her wedding day.

A few simple tips on wearing the right bridal makeup can help you cherish your wedding video and photos with pride and joy for the rest of your life! Before buying or applying any makeup, it is important to remember that your bridal makeup almost entirely depends on:
• Your skin tone
• Shape of your face
• Your wedding outfit (color and fabric)
• Your hair and desired hairstyle
• Wedding type (Simple, Ostentatious, Day, Night etc.)

Since this is going to be the biggest day of your life, it is always good to seek professional help for your bridal makeup. With a rapidly growing demand for style and hair makeovers, makeup for brides is no more restricted to traditional outfits, lipsticks, eyeliners and rose powders. Many beauty experts and dress designers all over the world specialize in bridal makeup and costumes and constantly present us with innovative ideas of looking our best on our wedding day.

While applying bridal makeup, makeup experts offer a detailed attention to the bride's facial features and suggest the best makeover to help her look her best. Many beauty parlors and hair salons also offer Bridal makeup at very competitive rates. In today's world, bridal makeup is a thriving industry and has been setting new standards in the makeup industry.

Simple Steps For Applying Bridal Makeup
• A simple way to begin your bridal makeup is by cleansing the face thoroughly with a natural face scrub.
• To make the skin on your face and neck look flawless using a concealer may be effective.
• A good way for the bride-to-be to relax and soothe the skin is to rub it with ice cubes. This increases the blood circulation and makes the face look more radiant.
• Depending on the color and texture of the skin, you can pick a suitable foundation that blends perfectly with your skin and apply it uniformly.
• Once you're through with the foundation you can begin the eye makeup by applying the eye shadow and mascara. Match the color
• Touch up the lips with a suitable lipstick and lipliner.
• Take a good look at yourself in the mirror to check whether you're looking over-worked due to heavy makeup. Remember-to look good you don't have to apply a "lot" of makeup but the "right" makeup. Subtle and sophisticated makeup will make you look elegant and desirable, while a chic hairstyle that complements your outfit and makeup will enhance your overall looks for your BIG day! 

Bridal Makeup Tips
Before applying the bridal makeup it is important to give equal importance to the wedding dress. Your makeup should complement your wedding dress as well as your overall appearance on the wedding day. Some important bridal makeup tips that will help you look your best on your wedding day are:
• Before applying any makeup, conduct a patch test on your skin to check the sensitivity of the makeup you're going to use. If an allergy or irritation occurs, drop the makeup and consult a skin specialist.
• Make sure your Bridal makeup does not look over-done and bears a natural look.
• Drink of a lot of water everyday since it keeps the skin hydrated and helps in getting a naturally glowing skin.
• Exfoliate your skin with natural homemade exfoliates and scrubs before applying makeup.
• Before applying any bridal makeup, remove all existing makeup on the night prior to your wedding.
• In case you decide to color your hair, do it a few days prior to the wedding so that the hair color does not interfere with the fresh makeup.

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Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Cellulite is a mixture of trapped fat, toxins and water that affects females of all shapes and cultures after puberty. It is believed genetic predisposition plays a role in cellulite, but there are other important factors too.

Cellulite usually accumulates on the legs, hips, thighs, sometimes even the abdomen and arms. Most of us just learn to live with these unsightly marks, but the good news is that there a few tips that may help.

The following methods and tips can help by avoiding the accumulation of toxins in your body and increasing circulation to expel these poisons. They break down into three areas - your hormones, diet and lymphatic system.

Cellulite And Your Hormones
The 'how' and 'why' of cellulite is not completely understood but researchers suspect physical and emotional stress is a major contributor.

Stress causes increased levels of a hormone called "catecholamine". Elevated amounts of this hormone are thought to cause pronounced cellulite.

If you are in a stressful job or going though a tough time in your life, try to create a balance by participating in calming activities. Yoga, meditation, even enjoyable hobbies like pottery and knitting can help to work through these stressful times. In extreme cases consider seeking professional mental help.

Birth Control Pills
The extra Estrogen from these pills causes the body to store fat and retain water, two of the crucial ingredients for producing cellulite.

Cellulite And Your Diet
A great place to start in the fight against cellulite is your diet. These tips will not only help you to avoid cellulite but will also improve overall health.

Increase Water Consumption
Keeping yourself hydrated ensures that toxins and waste are continuously flushed out of your system. These toxins are thought to be the major culprits in cellulite productions, so this should make a real difference.
You should aim to drink around 8 glasses of water a day to keep your metabolism revved up and ensure that at least some of that fat will not stick around.

Avoid coffee
That means all caffeinated beverages, sodas and energy drinks. It is believed that caffeine constricts blood vessels, therefore constraining blood and oxygen circulation to cells. While we're on the subject of unhealthy habits, cigarettes do much the same thing.

Alcohol's toxicity is a burden to your system. In addition to being toxic itself, it also stops your body from efficiently processing other toxins.

Processed Food
Processed food is full of preservatives, sweeteners and salt. These all add toxic waste to your body which is partly responsibly for cellulite.

Bad Fats
Limit bad fats from animal products and fried foods. Replace these bad fats with good fats found in flax, hemp seeds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, olive oil, avocados, salmon, mackerel and herring.

Cellulite And Your Lymphatic System

Some women swear by it and others think it's a waste of time and money. Mesotherapy is a popular procedure where a solution is injected into the mesoderm, the middle layer of skin. The solution then disperses cellulite by increasing circulation and lymphatic drainage.

The Mesotherapy solution typically contains pharmaceutical drugs, vitamins, natural plant extracts and homeopathic medicines. The proportions, or even ingredients, are not standardized so it is tough to determine the effectiveness of the treatment.

Skin Brushing
This is a technique used in many Asian spas to eliminate toxins by stimulating the lymphatic system. The idea is that firm but gentle brush strokes across the skin will improve your blood circulation, clean out clogged pores and enable your body to remove toxins faster.

Start the skin brushing with the soles of your feet, using slow, gentle, circular movements. Move up your body all the time brushing towards your chest but be careful to avoid areas where your skin is particularly sensitive.
Cellulite Creams

Cellulite cream users claim to notice positive results. Ingredients such as caffeine temporarily improve the appearance of cellulite by dehydrating and tightening the skin. Retinol is also used as creams to stimulate collagen production which gives skin its firmness and strength.

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Monday, July 2, 2012

How To Do: Dip-Dye Nail Art...

There are so many new nail looks coming up this year and we love having an experiment with colors, techniques and finishes.

My only problem at the moment is choosing one color to use at a time - now, I've given up and I am using multiple colors in one manicure. Here we have such a simple way of achieving an exciting look and the good news is it's easy to do and doesn't have you sitting around for hours.
If you have quite long nails like mine and you want to show them off, one of the most effective ways to do so is by creating a dip-dye affect on the nail. Choosing two shades of the same color is currently in fashion!

Chose two colors, I've used Red Herring purples for the manicure you see here. The colors are great and the pastel works so well with the glistening darker mauve. My only criticism is that they do take quite a while to dry, so have some spare time available if you're using this brand.

1. Start by adding the base color of your choice and applying this over the entire nail. Go over with another coat for a more lasting finish and to get rid of any translucent areas.

2. Wait for this to dry completely and move on to adding the second color to the tip of the nail.

3. Add as much or as little of this color onto the nail depending on how thick or thin you want the dip-dye to look.

4. I like to make my color quite noticeable but still make sure that the top color is less than half the length of the nail, otherwise it will be less of a dip effect and more half one-half other.

5. Don't worry about the line between the two being straight - the more natural it is in blending between the two colors the better it will look. Start stroking the varnish at different lengths down the nail to make it look like it's dripped a little.

It's all about giving the effect that this is cool, rustic and low maintenance.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tips to Prevent Oily Hair:

Best 6 Ways to Reduce Greasy Hair with Proper Styling & Care
The scalp has sebaceous glands which can produce grease (known as sebum). This grease naturally penetrates the hair follicle and can spread down the hair shaft. In most cases this will allow your hair to look shiny and glossy. However, if the glands produce too much sebum you can end up with stringy hair, matted hair, or even an itchy scalp. To avoid and prevent oily hair, use these beauty tips to help you learn how to keep your hair healthy and never too greasy.

1. Shampoo Just Enough
If you struggle with greasy hair and want to eliminate it, learning how often to shampoo is very important. Most experts recommend that you wash your hair with shampoo every other day, choosing to just rinse with water on the opposite days.

Remember! If you don’t shampoo often enough your hair will look and feel greasy due to products building up on your hair shaft or from environmental toxins seeping into your hair. On the other hand, if you over-shampoo your hair and strip too much grease from the shafts of your hair, the sebaceous glands will try to produce more oil, to compensate in a natural way. So, experiment to see how many days you can skip shampooing to get the results you desire.

2. Use Fewer Styling Products
Often the scalp will become oily because the skin is suffering from oil build-up. This can be caused by styling products or even perspiration. You can help eliminate this potential problem by scrubbing your scalp to get rid of excess oil but reducing the amount of products you use can fix this issue as well. If you’re dealing with an oily scalp and you need a quick fix, a product like dry shampoo can be your saving grace!

3. Adjust Your Diet
Just like with skin care, getting the best results in hair care can certainly involve eating a healthy diet. When you eat a healthy diet, your scalp’s natural oils will be balanced. Be sure to reduce the amount of fatty or oily foods you eat and try to stay away from preservatives and additives. Think about taking a multi-vitamin and eating more fresh fruits, vegetables and protein. When you eat healthy, your entire body including your hair will improve.

4. Don’t Over-Condition Your Hair
Many people overuse conditioner which can lead to greasy hair. If you struggle with greasy hair, never use a leave-in conditioner and reduce the amount of daily conditioner you may use. Instead, use a conditioner you rinse out and search for a lightweight variety. If your hair is extremely greasy skip the deep conditioning altogether as well. Also, try applying the conditioner only to the ends of your hair, to get rid of a greasy scalp.

5. Stop Stressing
When you are stressed out your body will react with fluctuating hormones that can affect your hair and many other areas of the body. So, if you’re feeling overly stressed be sure to find ways to calm yourself. Try meditation or hit the gym to burn off the extra stress load you’re carrying, just remember to wash your hair after because sweat can make your hair extremely greasy.

6. Visit Your Salon for More Helpful Treatments
If all else fails and you’re still struggling with greasy hair talk to your stylist. Some salons offer a clarifying treatment which will strip some of the natural grease from your hair. However, these treatments can be quite expensive. A stylist might also be able to advise you on specific haircuts which might contribute to excess grease. For instance, shorter hair seems to get greasy faster, because there is less hair to naturally distribute the sebum your scalp creates.

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Monday, June 25, 2012

Celebrity Tested Beauty Tips

Certain celebrities always seem to know the best well kept secrets when it comes to beauty enhancement. Attention to details as well as a proper knowledge of a few subtle beauty tips can make a major difference when it comes to making you stand out so read a few star tested beauty tips to be able to look your best on a daily basis.
When it comes to selecting a beauty role model, chances are most women will immediately think a of a certain female celebrity they admire. With an army of stylists ready to advise them at any time on how to take care of the smallest details it's no surprise they almost always impress us with their perfectly defined features as well as their fabulous beauty and style choices.
Whether you love playing with makeup or you regularly devote a generous amount of time to create beautiful hairstyles, learning a few extra tips will definitely pay off in the long run. Here are a few of the best well kept beauty secrets of celebrities:

Ever wondered what is the secret behind Heidi Klum's baby soft skin? While a well established skin care routine certainly helps her get the results she wants, she often turns to a simple trick to relax before a major presentation. By pouring 2 cups of Epsom salt in a bathtub and sitting in a tub for about 12 minutes, she manages to relax and detoxify her skin.

Epsom salt is also useful for other types of beauty treatments such as gentle body scrubs due to the fact that it offers a subtle exfoliation that immediately improves the way our skin looks.
If this tip doesn't seem very appealing for you, you can also listen to the advice of another gorgeous Victoria's Secret Angel, Adriana Lima: she uses coconut water to have a perfect complexion whenever she needs a beauty boost.

If you've been wondering what's the best way to get flirty, feathery lashes like Jennifer Aniston's you will be glad to find out that a simple change in the way you apply mascara is enough to get the desired results. Although it might be convenient to use a wand when you are in a hurry, if you use a tiny fan brush you will be able to get a better, more natural result that will truly emphasize your eye color making it stand out.

Also if you begin applying mascara on the lower lashes instead of the upper ones, you will not only be more likely to get a more natural finish but you will also prevent mascara from transferring to the lid which will prevent a lot of frustration.
Selecting the right makeup tool is a step that is often seen as trivial but it can make a major difference when it comes to defining our look. One of the first things we can notice if we take a close look at Jennifer Garner is the fact that she has a beautiful bone structure.

To highlight this important beauty asset and to create the illusion of higher cheekbones, a pink blush applied at the apples of the cheeks is really all that's required. However make sure that you use a blunt cut makeup brush to make this process easier and to get more professional results.

It can be quite difficult to understand how many female celebrities have luscious, sleek, silky tresses despite the numerous style changes that are often extremely damaging to the hair follicle. The answer to this hair dilemma can be easily found if we analyze a relatively recent and innovative hair straightening technique: the Brazilian keratin hair straightening treatment.

This straightening treatment does not have the negative effects that other types of hair straightening methods have due to the fact that the hair shaft bonds are not broken in order to get sleek straight hair. Instead this treatment coats the hair shaft, making the hair appear shiny almost effortlessly.
If getting Kate Bosworth's soft curls seems a little challenging on fine hair you are probably using the wrong strategy. Since getting hair volume can be quite a challenge for this hair type is best to skip rich conditioners if you are going for this look as the hair will be weighed down which will be making your job harder. Instead, make sure to apply a reasonable amount of volumizing hair spray to lift the hair roots as you blow dry your hair and then use hot rollers to get the desired look.

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Friday, June 22, 2012

Beauty Tips for a Perfect Exfoliation

Spring is the season of regeneration and it's time to rejuvenate your skin with peeling treatments which remove dead skin cells to reveal a healthy, radiant looking skin. Find out how you can visibly improve the look of your complexion with the following beauty tips for a perfect exfoliation!
Everyone knows that a beautiful skin begins with a proper skin care routine and the use of beneficial products. We might have all different needs when it comes to beauty products, but there is definitely one thing we have in common: the need to exfoliate.

The following beauty tips can help you find the perfect exfoliation method for you as this process leads to the regeneration of the skin and promotes a healthy and radiant complexion. 

There are several methods you can turn to when it comes to the exfoliation process, depending on personal preference as well as budget but there are a few methods which stand out from the others. These methods are professional methods performed in beauty salons all over the world.

Specialists have developed these products and methods used to exfoliate the skin to promote healthy, beautiful looking skin that radiates. They act by removing the dead skin cells which cover the skin to allow new cells to regenerate. This way, the skin remains soft to the touch, glowing, and fine lines are faded away. Here are some tips to help you achieve a perfect exfoliated skin:

Peeling products and natural homemade exfoliants
If you're not a fan of beauty salons or you're just on a tight budget, don't worry, as you'll still be able to reach that healthy radiant skin you've always dreamed of. Facial scrubs and also fruits such as kiwis, grapefruits, papaya, and many more others can help remove those dead skin cells which cause a dull and unappealing look. There are a variety of products available for you, so make sure you choose right.

If you have acne problems, use a fruit exfoliating mask and avoid those peeling systems which feature small granules as they might irritate your pimples doing more harm than good.

Intensive Repair Treatments
This type of peeling treatment is a bit more expensive than microdermabrasion and the procedure lasts longer as well (about 90 minutes). The Intensive Repair Treatment is suitable for tired, dull and devitalized skin as it helps oxygenate the skin deeply. The treatment begins with make-up removal and skin toning after which the exfoliation process begins. Papaya and pineapple enzymes are used to remove the dead skin cells of the skin; these fruit acids work really well and are gentle on the complexion.
Next, the skin is oxygenated using a high frequency electrode after which a purifying mask is applied. Then, a special vitalizing serum is applied and when the procedure ends, a final face cream is applied to protect the skin against external factors.

The result of this procedure is that of a face lift and a fresh and youthful complexion.

Microdermabrasion is a very popular procedure which helps remove dead skin cells and pigment spots from the skin's surface. This technique uses diamond dust to remove dead skin and the procedure lasts about 15 minutes. During this time the beautician covers all the area of your skin including the soft and sensitive zones around the eyes and the mouth. Due to the fact that after the treatment the skin pores are open, a highly intensive moisturizer is applied, thus the skin will remain soft and radiant. Microdermabrasion stimulates collagen and elastin production, blemishes are removed and fine lines faded, so give this procedure a try every month or so for a fabulous looking skin.

Chemical Peels
Chemical peels just as the name suggests use chemicals to gently burn the surface of the skin to remove any dead skin cells and promote skin regeneration. This procedure should only be done by a professional as they can determine exactly the concentration you need to deal with your problems. There are different types of chemical peels which vary from soft to harsh depending on the skin needs. After a consultation performed by a specialist in dermatology has been done, the acid chemical peel will be applied in the concentration needed. After the treatment, an SPF protection face cream will be applied on the skin to protect it. It is advised to avoid sun exposure after this treatment until the skin cells regenerate. The results obtained after a chemical peel are a visibly rejuvenated complexion and a cleaner looking skin.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

How To Exfoliate Your Face?

Why to exfoliate the face?
Regular face exfoliation is the best way to keep your skin clear and healthy looking. Exfoliating is skin treatments where the dead skin cells are sloughed off by a brush, sponge or by other means. Face exfoliation should be an integral part of your skin care. When you exfoliate your face you remove the dead surface skin cells and the oil that cause pored to plug and lead to problems like blackheads, whiteheads, pimples and acne. If you don’t remove these cells regularly they can clog the sebaceous pores and make your skin look dull and patchy.

What are the benefits of regular face exfoliation?

• speeds up the process of skin flaking and shedding

• improves your complexion

• makes your skin look brighter and feel smoother

• encourages the growth of new skin cells

• increases blood circulation

• brings glow to your face

• improves skin texture and color

• removes skin blockages

• allows your face to maintain an adequate amount of oil

• gives the impression of erasing fine lines and wrinkles

• keeps your skin clear and healthy looking

• stimulates cellular renewal

• prevents breakouts

• removes toxins from your skin

• skin preparations are absorbed more easily

How to exfoliate the face?

Step One
Cleanse your face using a mild cleanser to remove the impurities and the residue of makeup.

Step Two
Wet your face and apply an exfoliating cleanser designed for the face or sprinkle it onto a sponge or brush.

Step Three
Scrub using gentle circular motions avoiding the eye area because the skin is very delicate and can be easily damaged by abrasive products.

Step Four
Rinse your face thoroughly with lukewarm water and pat it dry.

Step Five
Apply an exfoliating mask – it will bring glow to your skin and it will nourish it.

Step Six
At the end don’t forget to apply moisturizer or a nourishing face cream.

What exfoliating products to use?
Exfoliating scrubs - The scrubs treat the surface of the skin but unfortunately don’t do what a true exfoliator does which is remove the surface cells debris leaving the skin in a heightened state of cleanliness. Most of them contain apricot seeds, kernels, almond meal and oatmeal. The natural fruit-based products are excellent peels. Exfoliating scrubs leave your skin smooth and youthful; they increase blood and lymph circulation.
Exfoliating gels – The most effective exfoliating peels are non-abrasive and gel-based. These gels help to keep the skin moisturized. The scrubs leave your skin feeling smoother and more refined without being irritated. The gel-based peels are excellent for acne because they don’t add further irritation to skin that is already raw. The exfoliating gels don’t contain irritating granules or abrasive ingredients that can damage your skin.

Exfoliating astringents can be used as mild exfoliants if sparingly used. They help dry blemishes without drying or irritating your skin and control excess facial oil. The exfoliating astringents are appropriate for every skin type even for acne-prone skins.

Exfoliating masks are designed to remove the dead skin cells. They encourage cell turnover and leave your skin renewed and refreshed.
Full face exfoliation should occur after deep cleanse and before applying a facial mask. You should exfoliate your face not more than twice a week, give your skin enough time to produce new skin cells.

Tips To Exfoliate Your Face:

• Use exfoliating products specifically designed for the face because the other may be too abrasive and irritating for your skin

• Apply facial scrubs only on cleansed, damp skin

• Always use light, circular motions

• Always apply moisturizer after face exfoliation because exfoliating causes your skin to dry out

• Never over-exfoliate – you can seriously damage your skin

• Exfoliation may leave your skin vulnerable to UV rays that’s why using a sunscreen is a must

• Never exfoliate if your skin is sunburned or has open wounds

• Always use products of high quality

• If your skin is sensitive or dry, use less abrasive products and avoid using products containing sea salts

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Monday, June 18, 2012

Eyebrows - Tips For Tweezing

Eyebrow Tweezing: To minimize the pain, numb the eyebrow area first with a baby's teething pain preparation, numbing toothache preparation or with a little ice.

• The hair can be softened with a hair conditioner or shaving cream.
• Steam your eyebrows with a hot washcloth for five minutes or tweeze right after a hot shower to open up the pores so the hair can come out easily.
• Invest in a professional pair of tweezers to have a clean, sharp pair each time. If you are serious about tweezing buying a good quality pair is essential. (See resource box below)
• Use natural light wherever possible.
• First clean up the area between the eyebrows by plucking any stray hairs.
• Pull the skin taut and remove hairs as close as possible to the root.
• Pluck in the direction of the growth.
• Shape your eyebrows by plucking from underneath rather than from above to create a natural arch.
• To close the pores of the skin after plucking use an astringent or soothe irritated skin by applying warm petroleum jelly.

Shaping Your Eyebrows: 3 Steps

1.First thin the eyebrow then slowly define the arch. The arch should reach the highest point above the middle of the iris.

2.To determine where the eyebrows should begin and end, hold a pencil vertically against the nose. Where the pencil meets the eyebrow above the nose should be the starting point.

3.Next, with the pencil still held against the nose, tilt it diagonally so that it rests against the far corner of the eye which is the outer point where the eyebrow should end.

Changing the Shape Of Your Eyebrows

• To avoid tweezing into a shape you later regret, first use a white eyeliner pencil to color in the areas under your eyebrows which you think should be plucked.
• If you don't like the shape, remove the white eyeliner and redraw. Once your are satisfied with the shape, tweeze the hairs in the white area.

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Friday, June 15, 2012

How to Get the Best From Your CHI Flat Iron

Farouk's CHI Flat Iron is simply the best hair straightener on the market. It is very easy to use with a 10 foot swivel head cable which makes it even easier. The cable is longer than on most other brands and the swivel head makes it so much easier to manage and manipulate.

You will find the CHI hair straightener much quicker to use than other irons, it does the job efficiently and leaves the hair silky smooth.

It works for all hair types from really dry, frizzy hair right down to hair that is barely wavy, but needs a little smoothing. More dry frizzy hair will need protective product to stop it drying out too much.

1. The best way to use your CHI flat iron is to take small meshes (sections) of hair, 2 to 3 inches wide and 1/4 inch to ½ inch thick. The thicker your hair, the smaller meshes you should take.

2. Slide one plate under the mesh, close to the root without touching the scalp. Close the plates and slide slowly down the length of the hair to the tip. When your hair is really curly, go more slowly allowing the heat to penetrate more fully but don't let it burn. It is best to go over it a second time than risk burning your hair.

3. With shorter hair, it's best to lift the hair up right from the scalp and slide the irons upwards away from the scalp. This will allow you to more easily separate one mesh from another.

4. With longer hair of course this is not possible because your arms wouldn't be long enough! But you can start by making a parting just above your ear sweeping everything to the other side of your head and starting on the small amount that is left around this ear gradually bringing a little more down on top of it. This way you won't miss any.

The CHI Hair Straightener does a very good job even if your hair is already fairly straight. You will find just gliding the irons gently down the length of your hair which will give you a silky smooth finish.
When using any CHI Tools allow the hair to cool before brushing or combing. This will ensure that your style will last longer.

Your CHI flat iron will also work as a curling tong. For this you would point the plates downwards, take a small mesh about ½ to 1 inch square and again starting close to the roots wind the hair around one plate all the way from the root to the tip then close the plates. After about 10 seconds open the plates and slide them out of the curl leaving the hair in the curl shape until it is cool. This can also be done from halfway down the length of the hair if you only want the bottom curled.

Among the many CHI tools on the market there are curling tongs which will make this job even easier but curling can be done with the flat irons with a little bit of practice.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Top 4 Tips for How to Choose Bras

That Tame a Larger Bustline
Small busted women often think there are many perks to having a large bust area and there are, but having a large bust can also make shopping for clothing and bras a little more challenging. Without the proper blouses and bras, a large bust can look unflattering and feel uncomfortable. If you want a great bra with excellent support and great coverage, use these tips to help you learn how to find the bra of your dreams.

#1. Shop Specialty Stores and Online for the Best Selection and Fit Guidance
If you’re looking at a discount store for a great fitting bra, you might not find what you need. In fact, you may find yourself constantly wearing an uncomfortable bra you can’t wait to take off at the end of the day. To get a bra made for a big bust, visit specialty stores and online boutiques specializing in full figure sizes. Specialty lingerie stores cater to women with all bust sizes, so you’ll be able to get the style you need to stay comfortable all day.

#2. Your Chance to Minimize Your Bust
Many ladies with lots of natural cleavage long to minimize the appearance of their bust. Trying to minimize their bust can be helpful when they’re wearing button down shirts or when they want to hide their bust size for a more modest appearance. However, in an attempt to get the minimization they need without wearing ugly bras, many women simply try to wear bras of smaller sizes that almost smash their breasts inward. However, today this isn’t even close to being necessary! While the minimizing brassiere styles of the past were unsightly, today’s versions are sexy and effective. You can get the minimization you need without having to wear a boring white bra your grandmother might own.

#3. Look For Support and Save Your Back!
If you have a large or curvy breast shape and are looking for extra support, it’s almost impossible to get what you need without an underwire type of bra. However, today’s modern lingerie designers are making underwire bras much more comfortable than they once were. To get ultimate comfort, be sure you purchase an underwire bra in the right size. If you haven’t been properly measured for a bra in the last year, be sure to do so immediately. While your cup size might not have changed, if your waist size has changed and you find your current bra miserable to wear, you might need a new size. If you’re unsure of how to measure yourself, visit your local lingerie store to have a professional measure you.

#4. Don't Forget Swimsuits with Bra Support
Ladies with larger busts not only need to worry about trying to flatter their shape in a dress, but they often find it challenging to find the support they need when wearing a swimsuit. The best option when you have a larger bust and need a supportive swimsuit is a halter style suit. Traditional swimsuits have skinny straps that rarely support a larger chest properly. Without the proper support, ladies end up constantly pulling at their swim suits, worrying about being exposed or end up completely uncomfortable. A halter suit will not only draw attention to your feminine curves but it will give you the support you need from a suit. This style gives you full control, as you can adjust the tie behind your neck to give yourself more or less support as needed.

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Monday, June 11, 2012

Bridal and Wedding Shoes: Comfortable Style When You Walk Down The Aisle

The dress is chosen, the flowers are ordered and your wedding day is only a few weeks away! It’s time to start thinking about last minute details including your wedding shoes. While many brides choose their shoes in haste at the last minute, the choice of what wedding shoes to wear is quite important. After all, no bride wants to spend her honeymoon barely able to walk due to blisters on her heels!

Comfortable Wedding Shoe Ideas
Today’s brides are more and more focused on making their wedding day the most comfortable it can be. Instead of choosing heavy dresses and three inch heels, they are going for more modest gowns and laid-back footwear. Whether the wedding is on the beach or in a church, brides are seeking out casual footwear for their big day. Since many wedding dresses don’t allow the public to view the bride’s shoes in any case, many brides are choosing to wear simple ballet slippers, sandals and even rhinestone flip flops under their dress. Those who sincerely do plan a beach wedding are even choosing to forgo shoes and are walking down the aisle barefoot.

How To Choose A Great Bridal Shoe: Tips
If you can afford to do so, buying a designer shoe for your wedding is a great way to show style and get comfort. Well known designers not only produce beautiful shoes, but they also make them incredibly comfortable and durable. However, if you’re on a budget discount shoes can get the job done just the same. The most important thing to consider when choosing your wedding shoe is your dress. It’s vital you take your dress with you when trying on shoes or vice versa. Often women flock to flats because they want to be comfortable. However, most wedding dresses are made for women of average heights. So, if a petite woman wears flats with a typical dress, the dress will be too long and need addition (and often expensive) altering.

Unique Wedding Shoe Choices For Bridesmaids
You may have heard of this company when you were searching for prom shoes, but Coloriffics is still around and ready to help you match your bridesmaid shoes with their dresses. If you are interested in dyeable pumps for your attendants, these custom choices can help you cut your planning time down by hours.

Traditional Colors Always Work
Sure, today’s brides are choosing various colors in dresses and shoes. However, the most popular colors for wedding shoes remain white and ivory. Brides-to-be can find strappy shoes, traditional pumps and even glammed-up tennis shoes in most modern bridal stores. Whether a bride wants shoes with beads or satin slippers, there is something for everyone.

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Friday, June 8, 2012

Nail care tips and tricks

Everything you want to know about proper nail care. ...Here are very useful tips for hand and nails

Health can be determined by your nail color. To keep your nails healthy and beautiful you have to take proper care of your nails and hands as well. Also a manicure and pedicure on a monthly basis will be beneficial for you and for these treatments. Removal of all nail varnish every week and allowing nails for breathing are important. The use of a good nail strengthening cream as well as good quality nail products such as nail polish and nail polish remover is advisable for healthy nail growth. Good nail growth tips also include opting for a healthy diet. A low protein diet is believed to be one of the causes of slow nail growth. Foods rich in group B vitamins for nail growth are recommended.
There are a number of home remedies for nail growth. The best and simplest method to promote nail growth without any hassles is through a regular hand and foot massage, concentrating on the nail beds. After a bath, gently massage your fingers and toes with cream paying special attention to the tips.

• File your nails using a gentle stroke. Avoid corners of your nails.

• Always use a mild soap for washing your hands and finger nails.

• Shape your nails. The most popular shape to use is oval, but choose one that suites to your hand and finger shape.

• A proper cleansing is essential to keep the nails healthy and problem free. After coming from outside, wash your hands and feet properly with a mild body wash and then apply a moisturizing lotion.

• To harden soft nails, soak in warm olive oil for about 20 minutes on alternate days.

• Try to eat sulfur enriched vegetables like cauliflowers and cabbages. Drink lots of fruit juices and water.

• To clean stains from your nails, mix one tablespoon of lemon juice in a cup of water and soak your nails in this liquid for a few minutes. Then, wash off with warm water and apply a hand moisturizer.

• In case you wear nail polish, make sure to give your nails a break from time to time.

• Coconut Oil & Castor Oil Nails can be made to shine by massaging coconut oil or warm castor oil on them.

• One of the most important parts of nail care is taking care of cuticles. A proper care of your cuticles help you avoid many nail related diseases.

• Drink fresh carrot juice daily, this is high in calcium and phosphorus and is excellent for strengthening nail.

• Dipping your nails in a mixture of cup of water with one tablespoon of lemon juice is wanted before a nail manicure.

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Nail care tips

Just like a flashy necklace or the right pair of earrings, if your nails look great, they can complement almost any look. But unsightly nails, on the other hand, can send the wrong impression. An error in shaping can cause your nails to chip, giving them a less than stellar appearance. Regardless of the color, an inexpert paint job can leave your nails looking like the face of the moon.

To help you get the look you want, no matter your fashion tastes, there are some tips that can help you pull off perfectly polished nails. We'll start by looking at the nail beneath the polish and then move into techniques that can help your nails look like you've just been to the spa -- even though you've done them on your own. Finally, we'll give you an integral tip that can make or break your nail masterpiece.
Let's start with keeping your nails healthy.

1: Don't Rush It
Putting the necessary time into your polishing project can mean better results. While you may not want to wait to add several coats of polish, taking it easy for a bit longer while your nails dry can provide a cleaner look. "Always apply a base coat for adhesion and to prevent staining of the color onto the nail," says Morgan.
Adding a top coat can take more time as well, but its benefits include locking in your polish color and helping to prevent chipping. There are even top coats that come with UV protection to reduce fading or discoloration of the polish.
Above all, don't rush the drying time. All your hard work could be spoiled by starting to use your hands too early, causing you to chip or smudge your polish.

2: Choose the Correct Coloring
From a pale pink to black, trends in nail polish color change almost seasonally, but tips for applying your color can be helpful regardless of the shade. First, be sure to adequately roll your nail polish bottle, (remembering to tighten the cap, of course). This will serve to adequately distribute the color. To avoid picking up globs of nail polish on your brush, scrape the brush along the inside of the bottle to remove the excess color.
When you're ready to apply the color, try to use three gliding strokes to fill in the entire nail.
"Apply three strokes [and] start in the middle, slightly applying pressure to the brush for even distribution," says Morgan.

3: Shape Accurately
For a beautiful nail canvas, you need to correctly shape your nails by cutting and filing before applying color. One of the most flattering shapes is a squared-off oval, or squoval.
When shaping your nails, start by clipping straight across to a manageable length of about 0.3 centimeters to 0.6 centimeters past the tip of your finger. To achieve the desired shape, file down the nails. Make sure that you file in one direction -- the direction the nails grow -- to prevent splitting.
Don't overdo it, though. "The less filing, the better," says Morgan.

4: Moisturize
While moisturizing is more of a preventive measure against dried out fingers and nails, it's an integral step to perfectly polished nails. "Cracked nails or nails that easily break could be due to dryness," says Larsen. "Moisturizing your nails could prevent cracking or breaking."
A good practice to keep your hands and fingers moisturized is to lotion after each time your hands come in contact with water, whether you're cleaning dishes, jumping in the shower or just washing your hands. At home, an occasional massage with an intensive hand moisturizer and an overnight respite in a pair of cotton gloves can hydrate your hands .
At the spa, you might want to try a hand microdermabrasion. This service can help to exfoliate your hands, allowing the moisturizers to penetrate more deeply into the surface .
Cuticles can be especially prone to dryness, so it's important to keep them moisturized. "Cuticle oil prevents hangnails," says Gina Morgan, senior nail instructor at the International School of Skin and Nail Care.

5: Practice Good Nutrition
Similar to building a house, creating beautiful nail art starts with a good foundation. "Like all parts of the body, healthy and beautiful nails are the result of good nutrition," says Marisa Moore, registered dietitian and spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association. "Following a balanced diet with a variety of fruits, veggies, whole grains, lean protein, healthy fats and low-fat dairy is the best way to ensure nail growth and health."
While overall good nutrition contributes to health, there are some key areas of your diet to watch carefully when looking to promote healthy nails. "Protein and iron, a mineral, are important to nail health," says Joanne Larsen, registered and licensed dietitian and founder of Ask the Dietitian.
For protein sources, you can eat meat, poultry, fish and other sources such as soy, while iron can be found in oysters, lentils and iron-fortified cereals.
Along with protein and iron, think about biotin. "Biotin, a water soluble B vitamin, may help strengthen nails," says Moore. Biotin can be found in foods such as eggs, broccoli and fish.

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Monday, June 4, 2012

Makeup and Hair Tips

By following simple makeup and hair styling tips you can recreate this Academy Award nominee’s winning look.

Actress Salma Hayek has come a long way from the small town of Coatszacoalcos, located in the state of Veracruz, Mexico. Born on Sept. 2, 1966, she is part Spanish and part Lebanese—a pedigree that undeniably accounts for her exotic beauty.

Salma launched her acting career in her early 20s, appearing in a number of Mexican tele-novelas (soap operas). She first found an international audience when she landed a small part in Mi Vida Loca (“My Crazy Life”), a 1993 film about Latina girls growing up in a poor Los Angeles neighborhood. She eventually garnered supporting roles in Desperado, Road Racers, Four Rooms and Fair Game, before achieving superstardom with When Fools Rush In, Traffic, Once Upon a Time in Mexico and her Oscar-nominated tour de force, Frida.

The length of Salma’s hair allows her great versatility: long (either sleekly straight, curled, or adorned with accent braids); shoulder length, with sexy flipped ends, embellished with hair jewelry or the occasional flower; pulled back into a graceful topknot or chignon, defined by a center part or slicked back to accentuate the symmetry of her refined bone structure. Salma’s hair is one of the most luxurious shades of brown. Colorist Jaime Abraham of Looks Salon in Naperville, Illinois, believes such deep, natural tones are one of the hottest trends this year. “I don't know if you've seen Salma Hayek’s hair recently but a lot of the stars have really rich, dark hair,” she told The Chicago Tribune in July, noting that stars like Salma tend to set the stage for the rest of us.

Perhaps Salma is the best judge of her own style, which may account for her fascination with the iconoclastic Frida Kahlo. The 1920s were sexy “because they were a time of experimentation and self-expression,” she told In Style magazine in September 2003. “All of a sudden, women were independent and speaking up. They were flying airplanes, directing and painting. The ’20s were also a time of sexual freedom; even the makeup and hairstyles had romance and glamour. Clothing was chic and makeup highlighted the eyes which are the windows to your soul."

Many beauty experts have dissected Salma’s look in their upscale books. In Latina Beauty, BelĂ©n Aranda-Alvarado, a former beauty editor for Latina magazine, describes Salma’s makeup as a palette of shimmery neutrals:

• For the face, begin with foundation and concealer to even skin tones and cover any blemishes. Avoid using powder (unless your skin is oily). Mix dark contour powder with blush, and apply to cheeks.
• Eyeshadow should be a neutral pink or pearl, with a slight frost, applied from the eyelid to the top of the brow bone. Blend in a touch of silver shadow for contour as well as a shimmery white shadow on the outer two-thirds of the brow bone to play up the eyes.
• Curl lashes and apply mascara.
• Brows should be tamed but retain their thick, natural arch.
• Lips are also neutral—a brownish-pink, without the severe penciled-in outline to which so many women seem addicted. Add a clear gloss for shine.
In The Mane Thing, celebrity hairstylist Kevin Mancuso teaches readers how Salma’s thick and curly hair can be sensually straightened. The cut is one length, with layers around the face. After shampooing, conditioning and towel-drying hair, you’ll find that the process couldn’t be easier:
• Apply straightening gel to damp hair, and comb it through. Detangle as necessary.
• Section the hair and pin it atop the head. Blow dry from the bottom layers inward gently pulling on each section with your brush to straighten it.
• Repeat for all sections of hair, saving the top for last.
• After hair is dry apply a small amount of silicone and brush hair to enhance shine.
• Use a flat iron for finishing.

With the Frida prosthetic unibrow long gone, Salma is now the face of Avon, appearing in the global beauty company’s new My Lip Miracle television commercial. She will be featured in numerous print and TV ads for cosmetics and fragrances, also partnering with the nonprofit Avon Foundation to publicize its domestic violence initiative.

“Salma's personal story and values are a perfect fit for us and we have a shared commitment to the empowerment and well-being of women,” says Avon Chair and CEO Andrea Jung.
“I’m very optimistic that in joining forces with Avon, we can truly make a difference to the important cause of domestic violence and bring hope and empowerment to women around the world,” Salma adds.
Look for Salma in Paint, Robert Altman’s comedy-thriller that skewers the backstabbing New York art gallery scene, to be released next year.

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