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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Kate Winslet’s reveals her most intimate beauty secrets!

What are the secrets of this gorgeous natural beauty? Oscar Winner, Kate Winslet, always looks stunning wherever she goes. We have seen her in many events, promoting her films and attending many red carpet events –where she won best actress for her roles in “The Reader” and “Revolutionary Road”. But, what does she do to keep herself beautiful and radiant? She’s not the common beauty we see in Hollywood, we don’t hear about her last Botox treatment or plastic surgery. What everybody loves about Kate Winslet is her natural and classic beauty. She claims to be like every woman, she isn´t obsessed about being skinny.

Let’s check out her tips.

First, she says that she can’t allow herself the same routines as when she was in her twenties. Now she’s a 36 year old mom and has no time for herself. For some moms, time doesn’t allow them more than 5 minutes to put on make-up. At home Kate prefers to do her own make-up by using the right products like mascara, a bit of concealer and lip balm. Should they be expensive? Well, they don’t! She prefers to use those products she knows work properly for her face, and they don’t have to be pricey products.

Another advice she can give us is not to wear so much make-up so you don’t look caked by the end of a long day. A common advice among all the stars is: it doesn’t matter how tired, exhausted, or burned out you are, you must always take your make-up off because when you’re sleeping your skin is working hard to renew its cells.

She also talks about her exercise routine. It’s well known that she practices Pilates to be in shape, but this is not a matter of obsession for her. She’s one of the actresses who claim that women should be happy by accepting themselves as they are. Restrictions about food can be a nightmare for any woman; she prefers to have a relaxed and calm life in order to take care of herself. Does she eat chocolate? Sure, but not too much. That’s a rule! Does she drink sodas? Of course, not often, but when she does, she drinks a fat Coke, what she calls “the real stuff”.

So, something we can learn from Kate’s experience is to enjoy everything we like, but we have to remember a key word: moderation. A little bit of everything will help us to keep in shape and beautiful… but above all, happy!

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