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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tips to Prevent Oily Hair:

Best 6 Ways to Reduce Greasy Hair with Proper Styling & Care
The scalp has sebaceous glands which can produce grease (known as sebum). This grease naturally penetrates the hair follicle and can spread down the hair shaft. In most cases this will allow your hair to look shiny and glossy. However, if the glands produce too much sebum you can end up with stringy hair, matted hair, or even an itchy scalp. To avoid and prevent oily hair, use these beauty tips to help you learn how to keep your hair healthy and never too greasy.

1. Shampoo Just Enough
If you struggle with greasy hair and want to eliminate it, learning how often to shampoo is very important. Most experts recommend that you wash your hair with shampoo every other day, choosing to just rinse with water on the opposite days.

Remember! If you don’t shampoo often enough your hair will look and feel greasy due to products building up on your hair shaft or from environmental toxins seeping into your hair. On the other hand, if you over-shampoo your hair and strip too much grease from the shafts of your hair, the sebaceous glands will try to produce more oil, to compensate in a natural way. So, experiment to see how many days you can skip shampooing to get the results you desire.

2. Use Fewer Styling Products
Often the scalp will become oily because the skin is suffering from oil build-up. This can be caused by styling products or even perspiration. You can help eliminate this potential problem by scrubbing your scalp to get rid of excess oil but reducing the amount of products you use can fix this issue as well. If you’re dealing with an oily scalp and you need a quick fix, a product like dry shampoo can be your saving grace!

3. Adjust Your Diet
Just like with skin care, getting the best results in hair care can certainly involve eating a healthy diet. When you eat a healthy diet, your scalp’s natural oils will be balanced. Be sure to reduce the amount of fatty or oily foods you eat and try to stay away from preservatives and additives. Think about taking a multi-vitamin and eating more fresh fruits, vegetables and protein. When you eat healthy, your entire body including your hair will improve.

4. Don’t Over-Condition Your Hair
Many people overuse conditioner which can lead to greasy hair. If you struggle with greasy hair, never use a leave-in conditioner and reduce the amount of daily conditioner you may use. Instead, use a conditioner you rinse out and search for a lightweight variety. If your hair is extremely greasy skip the deep conditioning altogether as well. Also, try applying the conditioner only to the ends of your hair, to get rid of a greasy scalp.

5. Stop Stressing
When you are stressed out your body will react with fluctuating hormones that can affect your hair and many other areas of the body. So, if you’re feeling overly stressed be sure to find ways to calm yourself. Try meditation or hit the gym to burn off the extra stress load you’re carrying, just remember to wash your hair after because sweat can make your hair extremely greasy.

6. Visit Your Salon for More Helpful Treatments
If all else fails and you’re still struggling with greasy hair talk to your stylist. Some salons offer a clarifying treatment which will strip some of the natural grease from your hair. However, these treatments can be quite expensive. A stylist might also be able to advise you on specific haircuts which might contribute to excess grease. For instance, shorter hair seems to get greasy faster, because there is less hair to naturally distribute the sebum your scalp creates.

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