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Friday, February 24, 2012


One of the best things you can do to look more beautiful is to slim down to your correct body weight.
Models and actresses spend enormous amounts of time and money to lose that weight, whether it’s time with their personal trainers, cleansing weekends or surgery.
There are easier solutions for the rest of us though - below is a selection of diet tips suggested by real models. For more ideas, check out our other site Model diet plan, If you have any more suggestions, please email them to us!
Model Diet: 
Tip   1: Take a photo of yourself in a bikini every week to measure your progress (and keep you motivated!).
Tip   2: Keep healthy snacks in the house - sweet potatoes, low fat Jell-O and frozen fruit are good examples!.
Tip   3: A thirsty body sometimes thinks it is hungry. When you get a hunger pang, try a glass of water first!
Tip   4: When you are hungry, you can also try a coffee or a Diet Coke - both can make you feel fuller!.
Tip   5: Eat slowly! It takes a while for your stomach to let know the brain that it is full - give it some time!
Tip   6: Drink green tea between meals to curb your appetite. Keeping a box of teabags at work will help.
Tip   7: Drink lots of water! Your metabolism will not function without lots of water, so keep drinking!
Tip   8: Use mustard on your sandwiches - mayonnaise has little nutritional value and is loaded with fat.
Tip   9: Write a food diary - it will help you pinpoint where you can improve your diet.
Tip   10: Put a picture of you when you were skinny on the fridge, or the freezer where you keep the ice cream.
Tip   11: Find yourself a Diet Buddy - support each other, weigh each other once a week and compare notes.
Tip   12: Drink green tea or coffee before your meal in a restaurant - it helps you stay away from huge meals!
Tip   13: Do not fry your food! Baking, roasting and broiling are much healthier methods.
Tip   14: Switch to calorie-free diet sodas. Most normal sodas contain about 120 calories!
Tip   15: Cut down on the drinking! Alcoholic drinks are high calorie and have little nutritional value.
Tip   16: Use a list for your weekly shop, and try not to buy anything off the list.
Tip   17: Always eat breakfast, this will get your metabolism working and actually help you lose weight!
Tip   18: Chew sugarless gum between meals - it will help you to feel fuller. Tip   19: Use chopsticks when you eat rice dishes - it might help you to eat slower.
Tip   20: Take the skin off chicken before you eat it - this reduces the fat content by 75%!
Tip N° 21: Keep some freshly cut vegetables in the fridge - eat them with a light dip as a snack.
Tip N° 22: On your days out, take a protein bar in your bag rather than buy chocolate from the deli.

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