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Friday, June 1, 2012

Biosilk Silk Therapy Treatment, for the Best in Flat Iron Heat Protection and Styling

If you use CHI Flat irons, or any other type of hair straightener, you should use a heat protection product, and there is nothing better than Biosilk Silk therapy Treatment. Biosilk by Farouk is not only a heat protection treatment, but a great styling product too.

Biosilk silk therapy 12 is a 'leave-in' treatment, which replenishes and reconstructs, while strengthening the hair inside as well as out.

It is very easy to use! Biosilk can be applied after shampooing while hair is still wet or onto dry hair at styling time. Just a small amount of Biosilk 12 oz on the hands applied to the hair from roots to tips will give your hair wonderful benefits. It will repair split ends, protect from heat, pollution and ultra violet rays.

This incredible treatment is perfect for hair of all types, leaving it glossy, shiny and since it’s lightweight it leaves no build-up.

It is also a great product for the body leaving skin soft and smooth.

Biosilk 12 oz has herbs and other extracts to soften the hair and vitamin B to add moisture and hydration while eliminating frizz.

Biosilk Silk Therapy 12 has been named “Best De-Frizzing Product” winning the Readers' Choice Award of Allure Magazine for three consecutive years and is popular among celebrity stylists and the Stars themselves.
The secret of this amazing hair care product is the silk itself which contains 17 out of 19 amino acids found in hair making it the ideal substance to fortify damaged hair.

Silk gives the hair more elasticity which prevents breaking and repairs the damaged cuticle of the hair; it fills and closes breaks and voids leaving hair stronger. Silk is actually as strong as steel!
An added bonus for color treated hair is the silk molecules as they help to lock the color in making it much longer lasting.

You will be impressed with this product as it leaves hair smooth, silky, shiny, and frizz-free. All Biosilk products are silk based which gives all the benefits of pure silk and shine!
If you use Biosilk Silk Therapy Treatment when using CHI flat irons or curling irons it will protect your hair from the heat while styling and adding body and volume.

Even color treated hair can be styled with irons without fear when using this exceptional product.
Wondering where to buy Biosilk? If your local salon does not have it and you don't know where to buy Biosilk try febstore, an online distributor at: febstore They have a wide range of hair beauty aids at very low prices.

You should take care of your hair and what better way than giving it the pampering it deserves with Biosilk Silk Therapy 12 from Farouk. Outstanding!

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