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Monday, March 19, 2012

Natural Weight Loss Vs. Cosmetic Procedures

There are many people who need to lose weight for health reasons. Being overweight or obese can predispose a person to diabetes, heart disease, joint problems and many other health issues.

Woman measuring her fat

Once a person decides that losing weight is the best option, he or she has the tough decision of deciding how to lose that weight. Although it may seem like a person is taking the easy road if he or she decides to get smart lipo procedure or gastric bypass, but before making such a drastic decision a person needs to weigh the risks and benefits of each procedure.

If a person chooses to get any type of weight loss surgery, he or she first needs to make sure she is healthy enough for it. There are risks associated with any type of surgery and if a person is not healthy, it makes the risks of complications even greater.

The person then needs to make sure that he or she chooses a board certified plastic surgeon. Getting surgery at the hands of anyone but a professional is always risky business. The person also needs to take into consideration the price. Procedures like smart lipo and gastric bypass can cost well into the thousands of dollars, so a person needs to make sure that his or her finances are in order.

The only advantage that cosmetic weight loss surgery has over natural weight loss is that the results are much quicker. A person who goes under the knife to lose weight will be able to lose drastic amounts of weight in a short amount of time. However, because of the time it takes to find a board certified plastic surgeon and the risks associated with any type of weight loss surgery, it is best that a person try to use natural weight loss methods.

If he or she is consistent with them, diet and exercise will work wonders for a person. Although the weight loss is much slower than it would be with weight loss surgery, diet and exercise still have many other advantages over it. There are virtually no side effects, no lengthy recovery time, and they are much cheaper than having cosmetic surgery. For those reasons, natural weight loss methods should be the first choice for the person who is looking to shed pounds.

There are a few tricks to following a good diet plan. For example, drinking water before a meal tends to act as an appetite suppressant. Eating more frequently throughout the day will reduce your tendency to snack on unhealthy foods. Similarly, preparing your meals in advance will decrease the likelihood of running to the snack machine between meals.

Another important factor in sticking to your diet plan is to refrain from depriving yourself. Our bodies need a little bit of everything, including those foods we are told we shouldn't be eating. It is okay to have a small piece of chocolate daily or to have a diet soda here and there. The key here is moderation. Deprivation diets only lead to binge eating once you have a taste of what you have been avoiding.

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Thursday, February 9, 2012


Spring is the season of regeneration and it's time to rejuvenate your skin with peeling treatments which remove dead skin cells to reveal a healthy, radiant looking skin. Find out how you can visibly improve the look of your complexion with the following beauty tips for a perfect exfoliation!

Everyone knows that a beautiful skin begins with a proper skin care routine and the use of beneficial products. We might have all different needs when it comes to beauty products, but there is definitely one thing we have in common: the need to exfoliate.

The following beauty tips can help you find the perfect exfoliation method for you as this process leads to the regeneration of the skin and promotes a healthy, radiant complexion.

There are several methods you can turn towards when it comes to the exfoliation process, depending on personal preference as well as budget, but there are a few methods which stand out from the others. These methods are professional methods performed in beauty salons all over the world.

Specialists have developed these products and methods used to exfoliate the skin to promote healthy, beautiful looking skin that radiates. They act by removing the dead skin cells which cover the skin to allow new cells to regenerate. This way, the skin remains soft to the touch, glowing, and fine lines are faded away. Here are some tips to help you achieve a perfect exfoliated skin:

Peeling products and natural homemade exfoliants
If you're not a fan of beauty salons or you're just on a tight budget, don't worry, as you'll still be able to reach that healthy radiant skin you've always dreamed of. Facial scrubs and also fruits such as kiwis, grapefruits, papaya, and many more others can help remove those dead skin cells which cause a dull, unappealing look. There are a variety of products available for you, so make sure you choose right.

If you have acne problems, use a fruit exfoliating mask and avoid those peeling systems which feature small granules as they might irritate your pimples, doing more harm than good.

Intensive Repair Treatments
This type of peeling treatment is a bit more expensive than microdermabrasion and the procedure lasts longer as well, to about 90 minutes. The Intensive Repair Treatment is suitable for tired, dull and devitalized skin, as it helps oxygenate the skin deeply. The treatment begins with make-up removal and skin toning, after which the exfoliation process begins. Papaya and pineapple enzymes are used to remove the dead skin cells of the skin; these fruit acids work really well and are gentle on the complexion.
Next, the skin is oxygenated using a high frequency electrode, after which a purifying mask is applied. Then, a special vitalizing serum is applied and when the procedure ends, a final face cream is applied to protect the skin against external factors.
The result of this procedure is that of a face lift and a fresh, youthful complexion.

Microdermabrasion is a very popular procedure which helps remove dead skin cells and pigment spots from the skin's surface. This technique uses diamond dust to remove dead skin, and the procedure lasts about 15 minutes. During this time the beautician covers all the area of your skin, including the soft and sensitive zones around the eyes and the mouth. Due to the fact that after the treatment the skin pores are open, a highly intensive moisturizer is applied, thus the skin will remain soft and radiant. Microdermabrasion stimulates collagen and elastin production, blemishes are removed and fine lines faded, so give this procedure a try every month or so for a fabulous looking skin.

Chemical Peels
Chemical peels, just as the name suggests, use chemicals to gently burn the surface of the skin, to remove any dead skin cells and promote skin regeneration. This procedure should only be done by a professional as they can determine exactly the concentration you need to deal with your problems. There are different types of chemical peels, which vary from soft to harsh, depending on the skin's needs. After a consultation performed by a specialist in dermatology, the acid chemical peel will be applied in the concentration needed. After the treatment, an SPF protection face cream will be applied on the skin to protect it. It is advised to avoid sun exposure after this treatment until the skin cells regenerate. The results obtained after a chemical peel are a visibly rejuvenated complexion and a cleaner looking skin.

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