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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Pedicure an ultimate treat to your feet

Ever wondered about the importance of pedicure? Our feet take us around everywhere we go; this is why they need some pampering every so often. We usually don´t realize how important they are because they are down there hidden inside shoes. Does that mean that our feet aren’t being noticed? Well, to tell you the truth, your feet do get noticed and they have a great impact on your personality too. In fact, they tell what kind of person you are. Clean, beautiful feet are enough to impress anyone.

You can have beautiful feet by following a simple and easy routine of pedicure. Pedicure is a treatment available at Salons where your feet are cleaned, your toe nails are shaped, filed and you are also given a relaxing massage. In short, it is a wonderful treat to your feet.

The whole experience is great. The process of a pedicure starts by dipping your feet in warm water which softens the skin and nails allowing better cleaning. Different ingredients such as lemon extract, a bit of conditioner and shampoo are mixed in water. The dead skin is removed and exfoliated. Your feet end up being even-toned with no dark patches because the polishing and bleaching makes them look fairer and glowing. Nails are given special attention in pedicure. First, with the help of a cuticle remover, your dead cuticles are removed, making your nails look wider and healthier. A buffer is one of the most important tools in a pedicure because it will turn your nails extremely shiny, smooth, and glossy. Buffing also makes your nails look naturally pink. After all toe nails are taken care of it is time for a massage. Your feet are given a moisturizing massage that relaxes the muscles and increases blood circulation making them look years younger. Pedicure is a treatment that everyone should do at least every two weeks.

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