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Monday, April 2, 2012

Julia Roberts airbrushing gone too far?

Making Julia Roberts and Christy Turlington look any more beautiful than they already do must have been a hard task, but they still managed to do it.

The make-up ads featuring the airbrushed images of the actress and the model have been banned because their touched up faces were 'not representative' of actual results.

The L'Oreal magazine ads, for the Lancome Teint Miracle and Maybelline Eraser brands, breached codes on misleading promotions, said the Advertising Standards Authority.

But, really this is not the first time we've been lied to is it?
Each season there are new beauty products that claim to give us longer, fuller lashes and radiant, youthful skin - when we really know that the models have been pictured with false eyelashes and and a lot of airbrushing has been done post-picture.

"Even if women do know they are being lied to, it doesn't make it right," she told the BBC. "There's a bigger issue as well - we are in a situation where one in four people say they are depressed about their bodies."

Whilst, the complaint may have been made with all good intention and it did garner a result, chances are there will still be airbrushing and what-not going on in advertisements.
But we ladies understand this, they've had hours and hours of make-up applied, the perfect lighting and a good-old lot of photoshopping.

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