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Monday, November 28, 2011

5 Fashion Tips to Flawlessly Accessorize Any Outfit

You may know how to properly outfit your body to flatter your best features and body type but you still might not feel “put together” if you skip out on accessories. After all, an outfit is just an outfit without the right accessories! If you want to look like the chic ladies you admire, but aren’t sure where to begin, use these tips to help you learn how to accessorize properly.

#1. Jewelry Is Not the Only Accessory
Sure, jewelry is an easy way to use accessories to create the look you want. However, it’s not the only area of accessories you should consider trying. You can completely change the vibe of clothing by using the power of a handbag or shoes. Think about it. If you’re wearing jeans, sporting tennis shoes and carrying a simple cloth purse, your look will be totally casual. However, if you take those same jeans and add fashion forward high heels and a crocodile skin designer handbag, your look totally changes.

#2. Don’t Over Do it on the Accessories
The worst way to accessorize is to completely overdo it. While the current trends encourage a multitude of bangles, layer upon layer of necklaces and dangling earrings, it’s important to not go overboard. If you like accessorizing with the trendy layers of jewelry, be sure you stick with one main layering area. For example, never wear twenty bangles along with six necklaces. Choose either the necklaces or the bracelets and skip wearing bold jewelry on any other area of your body while experimenting with this specific trend. A good rule of thumb is to accessorize all you’d like and then before going out, remove at least one item. This will always keep you from overdoing it and help you avoid looking trashy!

#3. Inexpensive Jewelry Saves The Day – No One Will Know
While it’s not everything, there is great ease in accessorizing with jewelry. You can start with a blank canvas, like your favorite Little Black Dress, and make it into anything you want, by adding a trendy earring, belt or bracelet. Lots of women hesitate to use jewelry as their main accessories because it’s so expensive. However, even celebrities like Jennifer Lopez wear fake jewels so don’t be shy about using faux gold, silver or jewels to dress up your outfit. Just be sure you buy higher quality faux jewelry if you want it to last a while. The really cheap stuff usually tarnishes quickly. You can find very inexpensive items at stores like Claire’s or Forever 21.

#4. Use Your Jacket
Most fashion experts agree an outfit is not usually complete without a jacket. Even in the not so cold months, they recommend you wear a jacket, sweater or scarf of some sort to complete your look. So, be brave and experiment with what looks best on you. Remember, jackets that highlight the smallest part of your waist are always a great choice for any body type.

#5. All The Fashion Extras To Try
If you’re one of the ladies who like to take their style to the next level, you might be interested in accessorizing with a special hat or trendy glasses. Hats and glasses can be excellent ways to bring your personality into your attire. Just be careful if you’re wearing a bold hat or trendy glasses to allow the piece you choose to be highlighted and never drown it out or try to allow another accessory to compete for the attention it deserves.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Clothing and Posture

Many models spend so long worrying about their makeup that they forget that presentation is one of the most important aspects of beauty. You don't always have to be the most beautiful girl in the crowd, but if you carry yourself well and dress to suit your body type chances are you'll be the one that everyone notices.
Clothing and posture are two more ways in which you can make the most of what you have. Take a good look at the actresses in the entertainment pages of your magazines. Not all of them are classically beautiful, but they all have a presence about them, a quality that comes from the way they dress and the way they hold themselves tall, upright and elegant.
Dress for your Body Type
Here's a list of typical body complaints, together with the clothing tips that can hide them from view. Sometimes you should make the most of your assets and sometimes you should hide them away, but you should always have the confidence to step outside and feel beautiful!
Larger Bodies
Always bet on black. Darker clothing reduces the appearance of folds and bumps in the fabric, and has a wonderfully slimming effect on your body. Those of you with larger physiques should avoid tight clothing and definitely steer clear of loud prints.
Try to always wear properly fitted clothing. Loose, baggy tops and pants just draw attention to your worst angles. Wear fitted shirts with vertical stripes to show off your curves the right way!
Small Bust
A padded bra is not the only way to give yourself a fuller bust. Try wearing fitted shirts with features like pockets or other details at the bustline. Make sure the neckline is not too low though. Another good tip? Layer up. By wearing a tanktop under your shirt you will make your bust appear much fuller.
Large Bust
Again, your bra is very important. By wearing one that is too small you bring attention to your large breasts rather than making them appear smaller. As for clothing steer clear of tight-fitting tops and shirts with loud prints. Longer sleeves and a high neckline will take attention away from your chest and on to your arms and face.
Large Hips
If you're a little wide around the middle then don't worry because there are plenty of things you can do too. Wearing tight fitting trousers will only accentuate the difference in width between your hips and your legs, so use a bootcut leg that drops straight down from your hips.
Buy pants without pockets or details around the hipline. Pleats are your absolute worst enemy. As for colors make sure never to buy patterns - instead stick to dark, solid colors on the bottom with perhaps some lighter colors.
Short Bodies
A short shirt can make your legs appear longer while wearing similar colors across your outfit will eliminate the color boundaries that can make you appear shorter. Avoid overly detailed patterns and be sure to buy well fitted clothes. If you're drowning in your outfit it just makes you look smaller.
Tall Bodies
Exactly opposite to shorter women! If you're tall then you should use horizontal stripes, plus sharp color boundaries between your top and bottom to make you appear more petite. Long shirts and knee-high boots will shrink your legs too.
Improve your Posture
Posture is something we don't really think about that much, but subconsciously we judge others on how they carry themselves. A person who carries themselves tall and confident commands so much more attention and respect - just look at the elegant posture of your favorite celebrities.
Slouching does not just just affect the impression that others have of you though, it can also have an impact on your health. Many back problems source from your back, and often this is the trigger for finally sorting out posture problems. Now is your chance to prevent those problems before they even start!
Practicing Yoga and Pilates will create a self awareness of your posture - you will actually feel yourself standing upright more and it will help you to develop flexibility and a strong core. There are also many posture belts and underwear devices that can help, if you find it difficult to fit Yoga into your schedule.
Outside of the gym classes make sure you have a good chair at home and at work. Slouching is your worst enemy. Also, when you sit down be sure to always plant your butt right in the back of the chair. This simple action forces you to sit elegantly and is a great tip for interviews too!
So stand tall, it's an instant beauty tip!

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