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Monday, June 11, 2012

Bridal and Wedding Shoes: Comfortable Style When You Walk Down The Aisle

The dress is chosen, the flowers are ordered and your wedding day is only a few weeks away! It’s time to start thinking about last minute details including your wedding shoes. While many brides choose their shoes in haste at the last minute, the choice of what wedding shoes to wear is quite important. After all, no bride wants to spend her honeymoon barely able to walk due to blisters on her heels!

Comfortable Wedding Shoe Ideas
Today’s brides are more and more focused on making their wedding day the most comfortable it can be. Instead of choosing heavy dresses and three inch heels, they are going for more modest gowns and laid-back footwear. Whether the wedding is on the beach or in a church, brides are seeking out casual footwear for their big day. Since many wedding dresses don’t allow the public to view the bride’s shoes in any case, many brides are choosing to wear simple ballet slippers, sandals and even rhinestone flip flops under their dress. Those who sincerely do plan a beach wedding are even choosing to forgo shoes and are walking down the aisle barefoot.

How To Choose A Great Bridal Shoe: Tips
If you can afford to do so, buying a designer shoe for your wedding is a great way to show style and get comfort. Well known designers not only produce beautiful shoes, but they also make them incredibly comfortable and durable. However, if you’re on a budget discount shoes can get the job done just the same. The most important thing to consider when choosing your wedding shoe is your dress. It’s vital you take your dress with you when trying on shoes or vice versa. Often women flock to flats because they want to be comfortable. However, most wedding dresses are made for women of average heights. So, if a petite woman wears flats with a typical dress, the dress will be too long and need addition (and often expensive) altering.

Unique Wedding Shoe Choices For Bridesmaids
You may have heard of this company when you were searching for prom shoes, but Coloriffics is still around and ready to help you match your bridesmaid shoes with their dresses. If you are interested in dyeable pumps for your attendants, these custom choices can help you cut your planning time down by hours.

Traditional Colors Always Work
Sure, today’s brides are choosing various colors in dresses and shoes. However, the most popular colors for wedding shoes remain white and ivory. Brides-to-be can find strappy shoes, traditional pumps and even glammed-up tennis shoes in most modern bridal stores. Whether a bride wants shoes with beads or satin slippers, there is something for everyone.

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