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Friday, June 15, 2012

Argan Oil for Hair

The argan oil is versatile and its use is not limited to the skin only, but is commonly used to treat damaged, dry or brittle hair as well. Argan oil can strongly hydrate your hair and seal in the moisture by forming a non-evaporating layer around it. This layer retains the moisture in your hair until it is washed off, making it a very powerful and long-lasting moisturizer. The moisture retained in the hair gives off an attractive and healthy glow.

It also helps strengthen the hair shaft and promotes elasticity, thus preventing any form of hair brittleness from occurring. Damaged hair can easily be repaired by daily application of argan oil as it revitalizes the hair with all sorts of vitamins and minerals.

People suffering from hair loss can naturally prevent it by using argan oil. Argan oil can help prolong hair life and stimulate hair growth by increasing the amount of keratin produced, which is an essential part of the hair.

It is for these reasons that argan oil is found in luxury shampoos and hair conditioners. 

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