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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Top 4 Tips for How to Choose Bras

That Tame a Larger Bustline
Small busted women often think there are many perks to having a large bust area and there are, but having a large bust can also make shopping for clothing and bras a little more challenging. Without the proper blouses and bras, a large bust can look unflattering and feel uncomfortable. If you want a great bra with excellent support and great coverage, use these tips to help you learn how to find the bra of your dreams.

#1. Shop Specialty Stores and Online for the Best Selection and Fit Guidance
If you’re looking at a discount store for a great fitting bra, you might not find what you need. In fact, you may find yourself constantly wearing an uncomfortable bra you can’t wait to take off at the end of the day. To get a bra made for a big bust, visit specialty stores and online boutiques specializing in full figure sizes. Specialty lingerie stores cater to women with all bust sizes, so you’ll be able to get the style you need to stay comfortable all day.

#2. Your Chance to Minimize Your Bust
Many ladies with lots of natural cleavage long to minimize the appearance of their bust. Trying to minimize their bust can be helpful when they’re wearing button down shirts or when they want to hide their bust size for a more modest appearance. However, in an attempt to get the minimization they need without wearing ugly bras, many women simply try to wear bras of smaller sizes that almost smash their breasts inward. However, today this isn’t even close to being necessary! While the minimizing brassiere styles of the past were unsightly, today’s versions are sexy and effective. You can get the minimization you need without having to wear a boring white bra your grandmother might own.

#3. Look For Support and Save Your Back!
If you have a large or curvy breast shape and are looking for extra support, it’s almost impossible to get what you need without an underwire type of bra. However, today’s modern lingerie designers are making underwire bras much more comfortable than they once were. To get ultimate comfort, be sure you purchase an underwire bra in the right size. If you haven’t been properly measured for a bra in the last year, be sure to do so immediately. While your cup size might not have changed, if your waist size has changed and you find your current bra miserable to wear, you might need a new size. If you’re unsure of how to measure yourself, visit your local lingerie store to have a professional measure you.

#4. Don't Forget Swimsuits with Bra Support
Ladies with larger busts not only need to worry about trying to flatter their shape in a dress, but they often find it challenging to find the support they need when wearing a swimsuit. The best option when you have a larger bust and need a supportive swimsuit is a halter style suit. Traditional swimsuits have skinny straps that rarely support a larger chest properly. Without the proper support, ladies end up constantly pulling at their swim suits, worrying about being exposed or end up completely uncomfortable. A halter suit will not only draw attention to your feminine curves but it will give you the support you need from a suit. This style gives you full control, as you can adjust the tie behind your neck to give yourself more or less support as needed.

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