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Wedding Jewelry

Your wedding day is your special day and must receive the attention it deserves. Selecting your wedding jewelry with care is important for that perfectly gorgeous look you desire.

We offer you here a few tips to help you choose the right wedding jewelry for your great day!
Choosing your Wedding Jewelry

Wedding jewelry is not simply a ring or a bracelet or a chain but an assortment of bangles, bracelets, chokers, necklaces, rings and so on.

So you need to be careful what you select to wear on your wedding day and not do a hurried shopping for your jewelry. Before you choose your wedding jewelry you need to keep a few things in mind.

• The jewelry you wear on your wedding day should complement the person that you are. Some of us prefer heavy gaudy ornaments but often that does not go with our personality. 

• Select your wedding jewelry to match your dress. Necklaces go very well with a wide or a V-shaped neckline. However, some wedding dresses do not need a necklace. In that case it would be best not to wear one since that could spoil the unique effect of your dress.

• The kind of jewelry you wear on your wedding day must go with your wedding theme. For a formal wedding theme you will be expected to wear heavy gold ornaments. The modern casual themes call for light and elegant jewelry. The country and culture you belong to often influence the kind of jewelry that you wear for your wedding. For example, the wedding jewelry in most Asian cultures is heavy and elaborate.

• You could work your family jewels into your own bridal look for that added effect. So try and match the heavy gold necklace or the elegant pearl bracelet with other accessories that you wear.

• There should be a harmony in all the different pieces of ornaments you wear on your special day. Harmonize the colors of your wedding jewelry with the color of the dress that you wear.

• Your earrings form a very important part of your wedding jewelry. Choose a small ear stud or a simple piece of earring with an elaborate neck piece. Remember that your earrings must also match the neckline of your dress.

• Select your wedding jewelry with care and thought. You may not want to lock them away in your jewelry box after your wedding day but wear it for other different occasions too. So, make a smart choice and select pieces that you can wear through the years to come. Deciding on a simple but sophisticated bridal jewellery would be a wise option.

Another great option that has been amazingly taking over the market are hair rhinestones. These beautiful, classy rhinestones are ironed on your hair and stay for hours giving you the sparkly classy touch to a perfect hair do. 

So choose your wedding jewelry to suit your complexion, dress and attitude. You can opt for a complete classic or contemporary wedding jewelry style or even maintain a balance between the two. Customize your style to your preference; after all it is your wedding day.

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