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Bridal Makeup

As critical as the wedding, bridal makeup is no less significant than the vows and rituals that surround a new bride, promising her the happiness and fulfillment of a lifetime! No matter how casual or laid back she may be about her hair and makeup, every bride-to-be aspires to look her best on her wedding day.

A few simple tips on wearing the right bridal makeup can help you cherish your wedding video and photos with pride and joy for the rest of your life! Before buying or applying any makeup, it is important to remember that your bridal makeup almost entirely depends on:
• Your skin tone
• Shape of your face
• Your wedding outfit (color and fabric)
• Your hair and desired hairstyle
• Wedding type (Simple, Ostentatious, Day, Night etc.)

Since this is going to be the biggest day of your life, it is always good to seek professional help for your bridal makeup. With a rapidly growing demand for style and hair makeovers, makeup for brides is no more restricted to traditional outfits, lipsticks, eyeliners and rose powders. Many beauty experts and dress designers all over the world specialize in bridal makeup and costumes and constantly present us with innovative ideas of looking our best on our wedding day.

While applying bridal makeup, makeup experts offer a detailed attention to the bride's facial features and suggest the best makeover to help her look her best. Many beauty parlors and hair salons also offer Bridal makeup at very competitive rates. In today's world, bridal makeup is a thriving industry and has been setting new standards in the makeup industry.

Simple Steps For Applying Bridal Makeup
• A simple way to begin your bridal makeup is by cleansing the face thoroughly with a natural face scrub.
• To make the skin on your face and neck look flawless using a concealer may be effective.
• A good way for the bride-to-be to relax and soothe the skin is to rub it with ice cubes. This increases the blood circulation and makes the face look more radiant.
• Depending on the color and texture of the skin, you can pick a suitable foundation that blends perfectly with your skin and apply it uniformly.
• Once you're through with the foundation you can begin the eye makeup by applying the eye shadow and mascara. Match the color
• Touch up the lips with a suitable lipstick and lipliner.
• Take a good look at yourself in the mirror to check whether you're looking over-worked due to heavy makeup. Remember-to look good you don't have to apply a "lot" of makeup but the "right" makeup. Subtle and sophisticated makeup will make you look elegant and desirable, while a chic hairstyle that complements your outfit and makeup will enhance your overall looks for your BIG day! 

Bridal Makeup Tips
Before applying the bridal makeup it is important to give equal importance to the wedding dress. Your makeup should complement your wedding dress as well as your overall appearance on the wedding day. Some important bridal makeup tips that will help you look your best on your wedding day are:
• Before applying any makeup, conduct a patch test on your skin to check the sensitivity of the makeup you're going to use. If an allergy or irritation occurs, drop the makeup and consult a skin specialist.
• Make sure your Bridal makeup does not look over-done and bears a natural look.
• Drink of a lot of water everyday since it keeps the skin hydrated and helps in getting a naturally glowing skin.
• Exfoliate your skin with natural homemade exfoliates and scrubs before applying makeup.
• Before applying any bridal makeup, remove all existing makeup on the night prior to your wedding.
• In case you decide to color your hair, do it a few days prior to the wedding so that the hair color does not interfere with the fresh makeup.

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